What Are Common Accidents That Occur During Roofing Constructions?

Read This Before You DIY

Roofing constructions are potentially dangerous, especially when you don’t take the right safety measures. As a result, there’s a chance that you can get injured during the process. To reduce the likelihood of this happening, you should familiarize these common accidents and their causes:

Slips and Falls

This is one of the most common types of accidents that can happen during roofing constructions. Because of slippery floors, wet areas, and missing or loose objects, it’s really easy for someone to fall and suffer an injury. Aside from making sure floors are dry and safe to walk on, make sure that your workers wear protective equipment like hardhats and gloves.


It’s also not uncommon for someone to get electrocuted while working on your roof. The reason why this happens is because of faulty electrical systems. Work safely by checking if your electrical lines are down before you start any construction project.

Falling Objects

Although it rarely happens, falling objects can cause serious injuries. That’s why you need to make sure that no loose items are around when the construction team is working on your roof. Also, make sure they’re aware of any nearby trees or other high-risk areas so they can avoid them if they’re working outside.

Friendly Reminders:

If you want to be safe while a roofing construction is taking place, make sure to strictly set and follow safety measures. If you are working with a professional, it won’t hurt to ask for written proof about the company’s license and insurance before hiring them. Make sure all building codes have been followed and complied with. Also, always keep an eye on your children when they’re playing near construction sites.

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